Historical Mackinaw

At this time this page is a work in progress. We will continue to add information regarding the history of Mackinaw and historical pictures. We will always credit the source of the pictures we use, so please feel free to submit pictures to village@mackinawillinois.org. Currently pictures on this page are from Mackinaw Remembers 1827-1977


Babar Hotel Circa 1830-1904Babar Hotel Circa 1830-1904 First National Bank Circa 1905-1977First National Bank Circa 1905-1977 Mackinaw Inn Built 1827 Later Known as the Genseal HouseMackinaw Inn Built 1827 Later Known as the Genseal House Mackinaw Court House Circa 1828-1831Mackinaw Court House Circa 1828-1831