Freedom of Information Request

The Village of Mackinaw provides the following ways for you to submit your public information request.  All FOIA requests must be in writing and does not have to be on a specific form.  

The following employees serve the Village of Mackinaw as FOIA officers:  Amanda Schmidgall, Lisa Spencer, Jack Nieukirk, and Brandon Reese


Hand Delivery or Mail

You may request a form from the Village of Mackinaw or the Mackinaw Police Department and hand deliver or mail it.  Your request does not have to be on a specific form, but forms are available at Village Hall or on the website.

Written Form

You may submit a request to any Village of Mackinaw employee in any written form, including by electronic mail, fax, or letter.

Good to Know

Please note that for a public information request to be valid, it must be submitted in writing to the City.

Your request will be processed acording to Illinois Freedom of Information Act 5ILCS140/1


Relevant Documents


Village of Mackinaw
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Mackinaw Police Department
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